Addressing: High quality direct printing to labels or the mail piece.

Folding: We fold small or large volumes using our high speed folder. Hand folding is available upon request.

Inserting: Up to four piece automated inserting whether it's a manual project or automated; no project is too large or small.

Newsletters: We can print and mail your weekly or monthly publication with ease. When you schedule with us, we'll get it out on time.

List Service: We can help you select and find (target) the right prospect for your product. Database management is our specialty.

For less than the cost of a postage stamp! Communicating with your customers is more critical than ever. Companies are looking for the most cost-effective way to reach their customers that shows measurable results for the investment.

"Bulk Mail" refers to large quantities of prepared mail at reduced postage rates. This means discounted First-Class Mail and advertising mail. Save time and money with our Bulk Mail Services. Your mail piece gets mailed faster when you print and mail from the same location - no waiting for the mail to be shipped to you or us.
-You save money
- No shipping cost to pay
-You get lower postage rates - pay bulk mail postage rates
-We will store and warehouse your extra mail material FREE until you are ready to send out your next bulk mailing

Our Bulk Mailing Services include:

CASS and DPV Address Validation
Standardizes the addresses and adds the barcode information so that your mailing is eligible for reduced postage rates.

Duplicate Address Removal Removes ay exact name/address matches so you do not waste money by mailing multiple mail pieces to the same address or recipient.

National Change of Address (NCOA) Processing Updates addresses of people/businesses that have moved have moved and submitted a change of address form to the Post Office.

Professional Appearance Professional looking addresses and barcodes printed directly onto your mail piece using high quality inkjet.

Delivery to Post Office and Proof of Mailing We ship your bulk mail to the Atlanta Post Office BMEU (Bulk Mail Entry Unit) and then send you a confirmation; the 3602 form (post receipt). As your convenient bulk mailing service provider have dpd mail your print job.